Dressage KY offers training for horses and riders on all levels.


Training from beginner to FEI level is available.


Tone has over 40 years of experience, including professional competitive dressage levels, but she acknowledges that she still learns something new all the time.


Her approach to training is very basic in that she teaches fundamental concepts and principles so both horse and riders further their learning and ultimately grow.


Tone's sequential training system teaches correct alignment, posture, and mechanics so the horse responds willingly to aids and improves the horse’s gaits, impulsion and submission. Lessons include how to move the horse forward, to bend equally to the left and right sides on turns and circles and make smooth, willing transitions. Lessons improve the rider's seat, back, and legs enabling development of skills of the half halt so the horse can elevate, become rounder, balanced, and lighten the forehand without changing the rhythm.


Horses are worked on the ground a couple of times each week to improve lateral work so their bend will be easier when the rider asks for it. When beneficial to strengthen balance, a horse will work in a double lounge to learn to stretch his head down with a soft poll, lift the back and increase the suspension with stronger hindstrides.


Horses are also trained using voice commands, which is easier for a green horse to understand when ridden.


Full training is $200.00 per month, 5 times per week, and includes a combination of ground work or riding lesson depending on the needs of the horse and rider.